Tuesday, August 16, 2011

City Museum

Simply the Best!! Mind... completely... blown... can't say much more than that. This place defies any easy definitions.... let's just say that it's rife with secret passageways, miles of labyrinthine tunnels, ladders, and slides (including one that is 10 stories high!) and what's more: it's all made from pieces of St. Louis.... huge hunks of steel from ancient factories and institutions, fighter jets and school buses and carnival rides... all welded together into one giant artistic playground. And nothing is off limits.... that hole in the floor, that secret door, that tunnel that leads up into the ceiling... you're expected to explore it all.... including some tunnels I followed my kids down where my adult body could barely fit. I also absolutely loved how unapologetic they were.... seems like in this day and age the most safe and sanitized children's museum will have anxious employees fluttering about making sure no one gets hurt, but in this place the wristband you receive upon entry states, " City Museum is full of creativity, adventure and learning... Use Care, Caution and Common Sense. City Museum does not take responsibility for accidents or injuries that may occur". I love how they just treat it like, 'We created this amazing place and you get to explore it. Now be responsible for yourself and don't do anything stupid.' There were definitely employees around but the two main rules that they seemed to be enforcing were Don't Run and Keep your Shoes on. And they were wearing shirts that said, "No maps" and "Get Lost". Ahhh! I love it!

I just feel like I want everyone I know to be able to go check out this man-made wonder. I've never seen anything like it. A true masterpiece, and just such a full-body sensory experience.... I wish I could have captured how delighted my kids were there, and it felt so good to not have to walk around policing them like we might have to in other environments. And any other amusement park type place we might have to wait in lines for a few minutes of pleasure, but here... everywhere you turned was some new experience, some new mystery.

After two full days here Jack was still weeping when we had to leave. Maybe in a few years, when Bob Cassily's new project Cementland opens, we'll return.... I can't wait!

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Nicole B. said...

Wow! This place DOES look amazing!