Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ooh la la!

I am so seriously interior-design-challenged. It sucks. It was one of my top ten goals for 2010... get my house harmonious and organized and beautiful-looking. Doesn't have to be crazy beautiful or crazy organized, just a pleasing space to be in. Well it only took 11 months but FINALLY, the universe ponied up! Check out the beauty! Brought to you courtesy of the completely fabulous (down-to-earth and seriously cool) Michele of Wabi-sabi Home and Garden. We traded home-spiffing-up for tinkering classes and as you can see, I made out like a BANDIT! Yes that is a wall painted half with dry-erase paint and half with chalkboard paint! That's right, I said dry-erase PAINT! Have you fainted yet?
It turned out about a bajillion times better than expected. Michele, much like Wayne and Garth, I'M NOT WORTHY (but I'll take what I can get)!


Ms. Jessi said...

Very fun, functional and funky! It's very inspiring!

Mamaholt said...

OH. mah. gawd, Kamilicious! Thank you SO much for the love and plug. Your house is dreamy...you just needed a teensy bit of my obsession. I can't wait to finish it all!
PS I made out like a bandit too!

rachelle @ tinkerlab.com said...

I love that bench that your son is standing on. Was that easy to make? And how did you go about trading tinkering for home decorating? In any case, nice work!

Kami said...

Hey Rachelle! My husband built the bench a while ago... he's kind of a whiz a these things when he has time to get to it so it didn't take him long. He built it with his brother when he was in town, but then it languished there for a pretty long time full of jumbles of shoes until Michele made it look a lot nicer.
I don't know if it's clear on my blog, but I teach classes with Austin Tinkering School, or rather, I AM Austin Tinkering School, at the moment, so I traded her classes for her son for her super-big talent of fixing up houses.

rachelle @ tinkerlab.com said...

Ah, well let your husband know that I'm impressed! And yes, it is clear that you teach tinkering classes (they look like so much fun, and the field trips have me drooling with envy!). If you ever want to expand your business to Northern California, I'm sure there would be a huge audience for you here. :)

btw, i love what you're up to, and linked you off my home page.

Kami said...

Ah, thanks Rachelle! I'll add you to mine, too. I love your blog and it reminds me to do some fun stuff with my 2 year old.... she's often just along for the ride with what the bigger kids are up to.