Friday, December 10, 2010

A visit to Ramonster World Headquarters!

.... where Kathie Sever stitches up all these unbelievably awesome clothes.... and where she and Bernadette do their Future Craft Collective doings, making wonderful and surprising and useful things from the cast-off materials of this disposable society we live in.... shifting consciousness through craft and all that, you know, v. v. cool.....

Kathie had a great project for us, all set up, though I'm a little sad that I got so caught up in it all I didn't manage to get a photo of any finished products. We had all this neat fabric available, home made stamps and ink, and then some paper board (cereal and cracker boxes). We got to just fiddle around and have fun and make whatever appealed to us.... a card, gift tag, or decoration.... and Kathie was at the ready to stitch the fabric to the cardboard or whatever we had in mind.

Awe. Some!

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