Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Inclined planes

Hmm.... this was a fun project we did in Simple Machines class that is of course very loosely associated with inclined planes.... I believe inclined planes are most often used as 'machines' when you need to push a heavy object up a ramp and you're like,' Wow! This inclined plane just rocked my world!' Next time I do this class I'll have to think of a project that demonstrates that concept. As it was, I was able to justify doing this awesome Jack Mckee project (the marble roll.... scroll down) that I've wanted to do for years now. Jack Mckee is SO super cool... buy his book, it is one of my favorites and is chock-full of really great projects.

I also had the kids build their own little marble runs with some hacked-pieces of plastic bottle and TP tubes and whatnot. So reuse-y of me. I had them use velcro to stick the pieces onto the board.... so that supposedly you would be able to build it a-fresh as many times as you'd like. Unfortunately that idea was not really a winner.... the stick-on velcro lost it's stick a little too quick, if you know what I mean. Phooey. Next time we'll just stick with glue guns, the old standby.

I'm not very impressed with my blogging skills, these days. I'm just slapping up these videos if someone sends them my way, and not giving you those insights into my inner workings that you all love so much. I've designed myself quite a whopper of a schedule for this little stretch of fall.... I think this is the most classes I've ever taught at one time, and I'm really trying exciting new things (building a chicken coop with kids! Using a chop saw with kids! This is how I get my thrills!). For the first time ever I have all 3 of my kids squared away in school or preschool situations.... hello Freeeeeeeeeeeeee-dom! I have responded to this newfound freedom by filling up every last bit of my time with work, but, it's great.... I've been teaching classes all these years (three now, can you believe it?!?!?) with babies strapped to my body or balanced on my head, never the most favorable circumstances. Now if I can just find a rain-proof space I'll really be set. And I actually have a lead on that, so send me some magic and good tinkering juju. I will keep you posted, as per our blogging agreement (I write, you read). Good? Good.

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