Friday, August 27, 2010

Camp, camp, and more camp

Soooo.... we also made s'mores grills ('cause who doesn't like to huddle 'round a cozy little fire on a 100 degrees August morning in Texas?), gliders, and a neat rope ladder using the ever-handy butterfly knot. And oh yes, Zazie made a drawbot, and it was quite a cute scene how everyone cheered her on with the most genuine enthusiasm you could imagine. What a great group of kids these kids were, I couldn't ask for better.


Sherry and Donna said...

hee hee hee ... what fun! I love the drawbot ... but that sprinkler looks awesome too and now I want to know if the plane did fly?! Too bad I live in Australia :(
Donna :) :)

Kami said...

Thanks Donna! I know, I wish you all lived a bit closer as well... I want to come visit!
Truthfully I think the gliders were more for play... no one wanted to take the chance of them smashing apart and thus did not attempt to fly them!