Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

I just gotta tell y'all this story, the story of our best April Fool's Day ever. I was 15 or so and we were in Camp Sherman, OR which is this tiny little town. My brothers and our friend went out after dark and changed all these signs, just by taping paper over certain letters and writing in different letters. For example, we changed the Wizard Falls sign to Lizards Falling, we changed 3 No Parking signs down at the store to No Barking, No Puking, and No Whistling in the Dark. We changed Cold Springs Resort to Moldy Spoon Resort, and Black Butte School to Black Butts School (so lowbrow, but how can you resist with set up like that?). Well we all thought we were so very very clever, but that's not the whole story. The next morning my dad got up and went to the store, and when he came back he said, "Did you hear? Someone went around town last night and changed all the signs." We all giggled to ourselves delightedly with no intention of revealing to our dad our tomfoolery. He then went on to say, " Yes, the sheriff is extremely angry about this. Apparently it's a felony to mess with state property. They're dusting for fingerprints and they should have the culprits by later today." I don't know about my brother Mike but I almost DIED. I was certain I would be spending the years of my teenhood locked in a jail cell... and I don't know how long he let us stew in it before doing the whole April Fools thang. Apparently my younger brother Coop who was probably about 8 at the time had buckled under the pressure and had spilled the beans to my dad. Anyway, pretty clever there Don, I have to hand it to you, giving your children a good old fashioned April Fools heart attack!
This is one we did just now... you can flip a glass of water upside down and then slide the laminated paper (or whatever you have that won't sog all up... a playing card? ) out from under it so that you have an upside-down glass of water. It's a slightly mean trick because you can't really pick it up without the water spilling everywhere. But it's funny. And cool. And I'm not trying to fool you, it's true!


Kathie Sever said...

what a rad story. how many brothers do you have? i think having brothers must be a thing of pain/beauty. i will have to wonder.

Kami said...

Thanks Kathie! YEah, it was great having brothers, except I sometimes long for a sister... we love each other when we see each other (not that often) but hardly ever talk or email otherwise. Would kind of love a chattier sibling!