Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Free to Be You and Me

...did you grow up with this like I did? I guess I had the book and the record. I don't think I've ever seen the accompanying movie... I just discovered yesterday you can watch the whole thing on Youtube! Gotta love that Youtube.

If you've never seen it, well, you're in for an utterly sassy, liberated, seventies (eighties?) treat... it's got such a good heart and it's not ham-handed as this stuff can be sometimes... and the messages are still really important... hey, it's alright to cry, dudes!

Really Rosie is there, too!


Nicole B. said...

i gave this as a baby shower gift for a's out of the rotation now but we definitely listened to it around here. it's a trip and i loved playing it with will! his favorite was the parents are people song. i definitely remember atalanta!!

Kami said...

Awesome, Nicole! Perfect baby shower gift... I'm going to remember that one.
William wants a doll ALWAYS makes me tear up...